Diwali : Lights , Sweets And Books

Hello everyone. It's Diwali ( 19 Oct 2017) So Haappppyyy Diwali!!!!!! Hope you guys are celebrating it with your loved ones. In order to reduce or rather control the level of pollution in Delhi their is ban on crackers, so this time it's going to be less noisy and loquacious party. Never the less being …

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How TO Win Friends And Influence People BY Dale Carnegie

It will be an understatement to call this book a good book. This is an life altering book. I purposely picked up this book just before i was about to start my post graduation hoping that i might get some good tips to handle people  ( the diversity of people in post graduation especially when …

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15/1 STORY AVENUE BY Avishek Gupta

Firstly this book is collection of different short stories. There are fifteen short stories in this book depicting different stages of life. If one story is related to campus romance , then other is related to miscommunication in marriage, other is related to patriotism. Author has tried to touch each and every aspect of life. Author Mr. …

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