And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie


This was the first book i ever read  by Agatha Christie and now i crave to read her books. The kind of books author has written are simply un-putdownable. This book was my first encounter with the work of the author and it totally blew my mind. I actually started the book with the thought that it’s by a foreign author so it will be a content driven book.  So my expectations were very low. Slowly and gradually as i turned each page,  my curiosity kept on increasing and i just dive into the book so easily.  Let’s discuss the plot of the book.

There are ten people in this book who are totally unknown to each other . So one day they get a letter inviting them to spend their weekend on an island. Being lured by such lucrative offer each one of them decides to give it a visit. There was this massive huge house cum palace , with beautiful scenic view of the ocean.  But since it’s The Agatha Christie Book so there has to be a murder mystery right , so one by one everyone starts to die. The manner in which they were dying was already written in the form small verses all over the palace. Being unknown to one other they started doubting one another ( it is  logical to feel so, i mean if you are stuck with bunch of unknown people then you are bound to doubt their values ) and things start to get worse. Don’t worry it’s a SPOILER FREE review. 🙂

I found the plot quite intriguing ( one of the major reason to pick this up ). It’s a fast paced book. In fact all books by the author are fact paced. If i talk about the characters instead of having ten of them , the plot did not seemed messy. The thrill factor is on the top of the list as you will not be able to guess who the murderer is until you read the last page ( ooopppssss… spoiler alert. Don’t you even dare to first read the last page and then start from the beginning. IT’s not a sign of a good reader ).

I really enjoyed the whole book. If you are into crime thrillers then you should go for this book and if you want to start a reading habit then also you can pick any book by the author. No matter what your age is, just pick up this book and read and fall in love with the world of Agatha Christie.


Keep Reading. keep Learning.


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