How TO Win Friends And Influence People BY Dale Carnegie


It will be an understatement to call this book a good book. This is an life altering book. I purposely picked up this book just before i was about to start my post graduation hoping that i might get some good tips to handle people  ( the diversity of people in post graduation especially when it come to MBA, is very wide. Trust me on this. I am telling you from my personal experience  ) but this book turned out to be a complete blast of ideas. This is a life changing / life altering book , only if you actually practice the activities mentioned in it.

Yes you heard me right. Book is written from practical point of view. It has some basic ideas which you might already know but what you don’t know is how to apply them in your daily life. which this book does amazingly for you. The book  has lots of chapters and each chapter is about tow to three page long. Each chapter talks about one single aspect of communicating with people.

The book is full of real life stories of how someone was able to complete the task given to him by his employer just by using some simple techniques , how people are able to survive in a relationship which is disfunctional , how a sales person is able to convince his potential  customers and how you can remove so many obstacles (related to people ) that are creating hindrance in you pathway towards achieving your goal.

And let me tell you  a fact that unlike other self-help books which you found boring ( I know 😀 , we all read self improvement books but are unable to read them and ultimately give up on book and on ourselves  ) you will found this book so interesting that you will read this book from cover to cover and come back to this pager and comment down below how amazing the book is ( and how right i am. OHHhh i am so genius ). The book has so many examples that there will be no scope left for you to not to understand the thinking of author ( And still you are unable to understand then you need to consult a doctor ).

This is one of the best self help books so far i have read. I recommend each and every one of you who are reading this review , please go and buy the book right now and start reading it ( nooooo i am not getting any monetary benefit if you buy this book. so please can you order the book now. Thank you 🙂   ).



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