15/1 STORY AVENUE BY Avishek Gupta


Firstly this book is collection of different short stories. There are fifteen short stories in this book depicting different stages of life. If one story is related to campus romance , then other is related to miscommunication in marriage, other is related to patriotism. Author has tried to touch each and every aspect of life. Author Mr. Avishek Gupta has basically portrayed some great and heart touching adventures for his readers to experience. I really like some of the stories like A Lost Umbrella , MANDROID  and Drift.  Maximum three to four pages are dedicated to one chapter.

If i talk about writing style, then it is simple and basic. I literally fly through the book in no time.  Language is kept reader friendly.  Anyone can easily read this book. There use of some subtle usage of words which makes the reading even more interesting. People of any age can read the book with no difficulty. It’s light and quick read. One can easily finish the book in a single day ( so no reading slumps 😀  ). Author has also use hinglish language ( that is mixture of English and Hindi ) which adds different texture to the especially for the Indian audience.

There was constant smile on my face while reading the book and i  hope it also leave smile on your face as well. There is emotion , humour and lots of intelligent quotient in the book. Since book is by Indian author so language and characters are very much relate-able. I don’t want to give away much because i want you guys to pic this book up and read and undergo this astonishingly amazing journey. 

If you are looking for a quick read which is not high on emotions then i think you can go for this one.


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