How To Be A Bawse By Lilly singh


wwwooooohhh just finished reading this epic book and can’t resist to write it’s review. Firstly to all those who are thinking that ” who the hell is this Lilly Singh and why the hell should i read her book” . Then let me tell you guys that Lilly Singh is a YouTube sensation She has over 11 million subscribers on her channel. According to Forbes she is in the list of highest paid you tubers.  Not only this she is comedian, actress, singer and a stage performer.

Now let’s talk about this book. So the purpose of writing this book was to help all those who wish to conquer their life instead of just surviving. Hence it can be categorised in self help books. The book has fifty chapters explaining how one can improve his/her life by following simple ways or techniques. Lilly Singh has put her life experience, movies , famous characters , known personalities and much more in the book, so that  readers are able to relate what she is actually trying to say. There is no story in this book ( Although book speaks volumes about the kind of life Lilly Singh has seen ).  Along with each chapter there is a beautiful picture of Lilly Singh highlighting the concept in upcoming chapter  There are separate pages dedicated to inspirational lines and quotes by Lilly Singh.

Talking of the language , it’s very easy and reader friendly.  Author has added lots of punches and tons of humour to make reading a delight. Unlike other self help books, this book has lots of interesting quotient like in between chapters there is this small section with the name “out of the blue” , where Lilly Sigh has shared her life before she started her you tube channel and after she became successful.

With this book Lilly Singh wants to bring back the whole scenario of working hard and hustle everyday. Now a days everyone wish to achieve success early with bare minimum efforts which can be possible in short period but not in the long run. So don’t expect some quick trick or some short cuts to reach at the top ( You might be disappointed to know there are lots and lots of actions that one need to take in order to achieve their goals and that’s what the whole book talks about).

I would suggest you guys to read this book slowly like one chapter a day so that you are able to let sink in deep what you read. If you read this book just like any other one then there is no use of buying this book. So do keep this tip before you start reading this master piece. This book is very much positive and also ask it’s reader to be constructive. Your mind will be at piece while and after reading this book  (it almost sound like spiritual book but it’s not orrrrrr maybe it is…… no it’s not 🙂  ). Do give it a read it might be your life changing book.


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