Bookless In Bhaghdad And Other Writing About Reading By Shashi Tharoor


Shashi Tharoor is India’s famous political leader. He is author of lots of critically acclaimed books ( fiction and non-fiction ). The book basically has collection of essays written over time by author during different stages in life of the author. Hence  All of them are specifically related to reading.

In each essay author is telling about the books he love to read ( since childhood till adulthood ) , authors he use to admire, what was the position of literature in the society and how it got improved with time. And not only this but book also contains the inner thoughts/ opinion of the author regarding status of reading (especially in a country like India where more than half the population was illiterate). Along with discussing all these things Shashi Tharoor also talks about his books which got published with time ( and what changes they brought in the society and literary world ). And how can i forget the vast / rich vocabulary of the author makes the book even more delightful.

Book shows the rise and writing journey of some of the prolific writers like Salman Rushdie, George Orwell, Woodhouse, V.S. Naipaul, Pablo Neruda and Pushkin. The book is kind of a documentation of literary world ( like a record-to be preserved so that the future generations can know about it ).

Although there is no story in it, so it becomes bit boring in between . So i would suggest to read some book along with this one and try to read only one chapter in a day. By doing that you will be able to remember the important names of books or authors that you might want to try out ( you can also keep a journal to pen down the names ). By seeing the size and number of pages of the book you might think it’s a days read, but that’s not true. So don’t get fooled by it, book has lots of technical lines or rather i should say writing of the author is bit hard to understand in between if your are not use to such reading style( It took me a while to get into ).





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