Nineteen Eighty-Four By George Orwell


It’s a  political satire on the social and governmental structure of that time ( god knows which time……dystopian future ), story is basically based in Oceania. The whole book is written from the point of view of Winston Smith ( what he think about people around him , what he feels about them, and most importantly how much he supports the government for whom he work) . Yes this Guy is  working for the government , manipulating articles and news  which were against the political party in power ( Big Brothers ). Not only this but all the information which might go against the government was eradicated (like dinosaurs are from the face of earth) as if it never existed ( did i tell you it includes people as well ). As the story progress he comes into a clandestine (meaning : done secretively, especially because illicit)  love relation with Julia.

I am not much of a fan of politics ( in fact i hate it ). So when i started the book i have this resentment in my mind that i should not like this book and in case i end up liking this book then i might turn into one of those boring people who switch on the TV only to watch which political leader is up to what or who looks for political news in newspaper (thank god there is no newspaper specifically related to politics, wait is it…..). That’s why i wasn’t able to enjoy the book during first few initial pages but as i flip through few of them i was taken aback by the those witty and humorous lines. It took me a while to put myself in to the shoes of Winston Smith. But once i was able to understand what he was going through,  i enjoyed being him.

I was pretty much impressed by the writing style of the author. It’s very intriguing and engaging. I love the formation of sentences and dialogues. I love the rich vocabulary that author poses ( i wish i had his brain ) . I come across so many amusing words that i was tantalised by the book.

I love the sub plots in the book more as compared to the main one ( guess what might be the reason behind it ….. politics ) like Winston writing his diary , his love affair , conversations with his neighbours ( and their children ) . Never the less it took in a while  to complete the book because most of the part in the book talks about this political party in power ( Big Brother ). Their actions, repercussions, ugly things they are involved in , and the stir they are creating. It made me lose interest in the book. I guess the only reason it didn’t turn out to be that good experience for me is my disinterest in politics.  So if your are interested into politics even a little bit then only go for this book otherwise come on we have plenty of  books to read. 🙂



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