The Spy By Paulo Coelho


Before saying anything about the book, i have to say that this is the best cover i have ever seen( totally in corresponding to the women discussed in the book). It’s a hard cover copy. The whole book is divided into three parts and then each part is sub divided into many small chapter.  Each chapter is basically the letters written by Margaretha while she was in prison. Now how she  landed in prison you have to  read below……..

Margaretha also known as Mata Hari came to Paris with no money in her pocket. Since she was good at dancing, so she started doing dance shows in auditoriums. Member of high class societies  use to come to admire her rhythmic body moves, with which she use to enchant her audience. Slowly she became a famous and most talked about celebrity in the city. Hence she came in contact with famous high class people and was adored by everyone (especially by male members of the society). From being penniless she earned quiet a  good amount of money and name in no time. All thanks to her voluptuous body which never use to skip any beat of music.

As the war got  declared, Mata Hari being from different country became a strong suspect for espionage.  All the people or rather i should say ” men in power”  who use to go ecstatic only at a single glance of Mata Hari,  blame her for spying.  Because of her lifestyle it became easier to gather some fake proofs and they put her behind the bars.

The whole book contains the letters that she wrote while she was in prison. I love how the story keeps on moving at a constant pace. This is the actual story of Mata Hari, although some dialogues were changed for the book.  Author has mentioned the date and year (facts), which makes it’s reader feel as if they are reading some real life documentation of a person. I love the character of Mata hari a lot. She is portrait as courageous, independent and unapologetic woman (And she paid the price for it). She lived her life on her own terms and with dignity. This book and the character defies the social conventions which our society has created so far.  Paulo Coelho has also names some other book written on Mata Hari in acknowledgement.

I have some problem with foreign names (of places or of people) . I am not able to relate to them easily,  plus they create hindrance while i read.  But never the less i am able to get pass them and enjoy the book. There are many life lesson in this book like “Everything passes, grows old , die and is reborn ” , ” Change and change for better are two different things” .

I also like a line in the book which i want to share with you guys ” As flowers grows. it shoes off it’s beauty and is appreciated by all. And then they die , they leave behind seeds so that others can continue god’s work. ” All in all i really loved the book. Paulo Coelho never disappoints his readers.



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