One Indian Girl By Chetan Bhagat


This the latest book by Chetan Bhagat . Although it’s pretty old but anyways we are still going to discuss about it. ūüôā

This is the first time author is writing from the perspective of a women. It’s the story of Radhika. She is very ambitious girl who likes to live on her own terms( she is very open minded . mind you when i say it). She is a working women and she earns a hell lot of money ( that is why her parents are very suspicious about what kind of work does she actually do). She has always seen herself working in some big corporate houses and finally she is living that dream.

But her parents are really worried and want her to get married  soon because apparently they think  no one will marry a girl who earns so well. She had tried to come in relationship with guys she loved but they just wither away because no one can accept the fact that girl is earning more among a couple.  And no matter how hard the guys tried to ignore, it just creeps in from somewhere in between their relationship and breaks the bond.

Although Radhika is very intelligent and is quick at taking decisions and finding solutions when it come to her professional life. On contrary it was hard for her to do so in her relationships (still she tried to keep her mind open). It wasn’t anybodies fault. It’s just the way we all are nourished since childhood by our parents and grandparents who still have this “old traditional ” thinking.

As the story progresses Radhika was forced to agree upon an arrange marriage. Although she wasn’t sure about the guy or even about the marriage but she¬†started liking the guy as she comes to know about his fun side. Eventually when her wedding rituals were going on( in Indian we have a kind of a week long wedding. yeah very hectic but with lots of fun as well ) her ex- boyfriends decide to show up , to get her back in their life ( yeah lots of drama ). To know how she dealt with it and did she actually marry anyone. For that you have to read the book.

I kind of started my reading journey with Chetan Bhagat books. I have read all the book by him and by far this is the best book by the author (even half girlfriend is also not that bad). I can clearly see the changes he has gone through in his writing career. His writing has evolved so much. The book is gripping since the page one, easy usage of words, clear imagination ( of course it’s a fiction book. how can you imagine happening so many things in someones marriage. I can’t). I had actually decided to not to read his books anymore because everyone was telling me to read better books but i took a chance and read this book. And i can proudly say i won’t regret my decision.

Keep Reading. keep Learning.


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