Rafflesia: The Banished Princess



The first impression i had when i  looked at the book was that , i thought it’s a kind of play about a princess who is banished from her own kingdom and there might be some action sequences to get the kingdom back. Like kind of old traditional play telling about the story of some brave princess, when kings and queens use to rule. But but… that’s not true.  The story is about a boy named , Appu. It’s a Contemporary Fiction.

Before getting into the book i must say the publishing house who is frog books did an amazing job regarding the size and font of the book. It’s very much comfortable to hold and read it especially for someone like me who spends so much time on reading.

Their are many characters in the book but Appu is the one around whom whole the book is written. Now Appu belongs to a middle class family where his father earns enough money which is must for survival. Soon Appu become friends with his fathers best friends son Rahul.  As the story progresses author reveals people close to him. Appu has to go through many ups and down in his life. The book basically fluctuated between past and present. In our day to day chaotic life there are some instances when we observe things happening around us and we tend to remember our older days (or rather i should say days when we were younger).  That’s what pretty much happening in the book.

The book talks about relationships, friendships, love, betrayal and broken marriage. It feels like as if the whole life of Appu is kept open in front you. The moments which are close to his heart, moments when he loses his loved one.

Author did a commendable job when it comes to introduction and presentation of character. They all seems to be like people living next door ( Being Indian i think i was able to connect with them even more). Although i didn’t like the character of Sujata only because she hates books and book stores( she should be the one banished from the book).  On contrary Appu love books especially Raffleshia: The Banished Princess ( he had all the different types of copies ever got published ).

Having said so many good things about the book there were some short comings as well. The book is bit slow paced and there are some places where it become too slow. And that gripping factor which keeps the reader hooked to the book  was missing in some chapters. While some were so intriguing that i fly through them in no time. None the less if you go past them then there is no chance you won’t enjoy the book.

This the debutante book by an Indian author. Book recently got released in march 2017.  Looking forward to read more work from the author in future.

Keep reading. Keep Learning.



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