The Secret By Rhonda Byrne


This was the first book i ever read. One of my mentor told me about this book and was stressing me and all other students to give it a read. I really wasn’t planning to read it because i don’t use to read books back then but while returning home from my coaching classes i saw it on a book stall and bought it immediately(Although i was literally robbed because i paid twice the worth of the book).  Though i am glad it turn out to be a life changing book for me.

This is a very famous well known self help book telling about the law of attraction. Now we all have heard about it but don’t know how exactly does it work. The book explains it all. In the book people are expressing their views who are using it since a very long time.  People are sharing not only their views but also telling about their wired  life experiences which they  had regarding law of attraction.  It’s a very positive book. Whenever i feel low or i m going through failures in my life , i always read this book (yes this is totally re-readable book ). It’s usually hard to believe when one single person comes and tell you that you can change your life but when tons of people turn around and say the same thing it leaves a good impact on our mind.

There is also a documentary made on this book which is available on you tube in Hindi as well as in English. It is equally effective so just in case you are not into reading books and still wondering over my bookish blog then here it is just for you, now go and watch it right away.

Most of the time we choose which book we want to read but sometimes book chooses us. Yes it’s true and this book chose me.

Keep reading. Keep Learning.







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